Customize the self registration form (aka volunteer application)

VolunteerMatters allows your organization to publish an online form that, when submitted, will create a new contact record in your contact database. For Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscribers you may customize the following:

1. The required and optional fields you would like a new registrant/applicant to fill out

For Pro and Enterprise subscribers you may customize the following:

2. The grouping of fields on the registration form

3. The status a registrant/applicant should be set to in the system (e.g., prospective volunteer versus active volunteer)

4. What permissions the new registrant should be given within the system after completing the form.

5. Customize the email address(es) that you would like to receive notification when a registration/application has been submitted

Pro and Enterprise customers may further customize the registration process utilizing our professional services team (setup cost):

6. Customize all automated messages the registrant will see/be sent from your organization throughout the process

7. Deactivate email authentication as part of the registration process

8. Add javascript to the form to create field dependencies, hide fields, auto-populate fields, and more.

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