Change the default "status" given to a new registrant (aka new volunteer applicant)

By default your system has been configured with the status “N – New Registrant” and all contact records created through the self-registration form will be set to this status.  Standard subscribers cannot change this setting.  For Pro and Enterprise subscribers, statuses are customizable, so you can set yours to be whatever you like under Setup / Contact Statuses.  However, it is NOT recommended that you delete the “N – New Registrant” status as it may cause new registrants to have an empty status value and may interfere with contact views already in the system.  For example, you may have a view in the database to show all volunteers who have recently registered.  If you would like, you may rename the status without any ill-effect on the system.  If for some reason you accidentally delete this status or would like to change to an entirely different status Closerware’s support team can make this change on your behalf. 

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