VolunteerMatters Kiosk Module Add-On : Administrative Setup

You may run a kiosk from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone so that volunteers may login, sign-up and withdraw from shifts, sign-in and sign out of any shift,  and tracking their actual times versus scheduled.

The Kiosk add-on must be enabled by VolunteerMatters Support for your VolunteerMatters Pro and Enterprise systems.    If you are interested in subscribing please contact

 Once activated in your system if you log into VolunteerMatters with the “Volunteer Administration “ or “Admin: Power User” site user access roles you can edit the calendar’s “Kiosk Mode”.

 Click on Admin > Volunteer Calendars.

 Then click “edit” on the calendar you wish to modify.


Once you click “edit” you can then scroll down to the “Kiosk Mode” drop-down field and select one of the following:

  1. None
  2. Attendance
  3. Relaxed
  4. Strict


All calendar shifts will appear in the opportunities list.   Their functionality past simply signing up or withdrawing depends on the mode selected.

The functionality of each mode is as follows:

  1. None: Volunteers may not sign-in or sign-out of opportunities they are signed up for via the kiosk. They will not appear in the “Today’s Assignments” area.  The no-show flag defaults to “false”.   As it is currently you must manually mark an assignment as a no-show.
  2. Attendance: The kiosk will track volunteer attendance to this project calendar.  The Volunteer can sign-in and out via the kiosk and those sign-in and sign-out times will be appended to the Volunteer Interaction notes but the interaction start/end time will be the shift default.  The no-show flag defaults to “true” so you must sign in to receive credit.
  3. Relaxed: The kiosk will record sign-in and sign-out times for the volunteer, but will default to the opportunity end time if the volunteer does not sign out. The no-show flag defaults to “true” so you must sign in to receive credit.
  4. Strict: The kiosk will record sign-in and sign-out times for the volunteer, but will not give the volunteer credit for the volunteer time unless they sign out of the kiosk to have the sign-out time recorded.  The no-show flag defaults to “true” so you must sign in to receive credit.


Kiosk Location Services*

This allows a calendar setting to require the volunteer be within X number of meters of an address to be able to check in/out of their volunteer shifts via Personal Kiosk Check-in on their mobile device. The default distance is 100 meters.   To enable, a shift must been in one of the available Kiosk Modes and  then select "True" for location services.



Then you will enter the calendar address and the "Location Range".  The "Location Range" is in meters.  The default setting is 100 Meters.  These are set on the calendar and cannot be modified on a per shift basis.  



This setting requires that a volunteer must be within that location range of the address specified to be able to sign in or out of the personal kiosk.

*This will require the volunteer to allow the site to use their mobile device's location services when prompted.


Default Kiosk Timing Settings

There are also three default system settings for use with the kiosk.  They are:

  • Shift Sign In Window Before Start
  • Shift Sign In Window After Start
  • Shift Sign Up Limit After Start

They default to 60, 30, and 15 minutes respectively.   If you wish to modify them please contact support.  These are set globally and cannot be modified on a per calendar basis.  

These settings allow a time period around a shift’s start time where a volunteer can still sign up for a shift via the kiosk or if they are already signed up, what time before and after a shift’s starting time that they are allowed to sign in.


Kiosk Contact Filter

You can also set a Kiosk Contact Filter where you can define a filter that determines which contact records will appear in the kiosk as volunteers.  For example you may have a large list of contacts no longer with the organization that you wish to exclude as volunteers displayed during a search.

To set the filter you must log into the system with the proper privileges (typically the “System Setup” or “Admin: Power User” site user record security access roles) and click on Setup > Kiosk Contact Filter (under Setup Utilities section).


Then you simply create a basic contact filter based on the criteria desired.  Typically this would be by contact status.  In the example below, the filter is set to only return those contacts to the kiosk who have a status of “A – Active”. 


 For more information on creating filters within VolunteerMatters click here.

Click here for the VolunteerMatters Kiosk Quick Guide.


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