Manually update Kiosk volunteer assignment to remove "Absent" designation

Kiosk enabled calendar assignments are by default are set to "Absent".  When someone checks in via the kiosk that assignment is changed automatically to remove the "Absent" designation.   If someone does not sign in via the kiosk but attends the shift, an administrator can remove the "Absent" designation.

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatters Administrative system with the proper security access roles and then click on Admin
  2. Click on the calendar in the Volunteering section on which you wish to remove the "Absent" from an assignment.
  3. From there locate the shift you wish to edit and click on the hyperlinked number that is under the "Confirmed Assignments" icon (assignments-confirmed-24.png) column.
  4. This will open the assignment detail  for the shift in question within the volunteer shift list view rather than having to enter a new screen.  (You will notice the rest of the Shift List View will be greyed out)


  5. Uncheck "Absent" on all of the assignments you wish to manually remove the  "Absent" designation and add "Admin Notes" for each (optional).
  6. Click "Save" to update the assignments and stay within the assignment details or "Save and Return" to return to the shift list view.

Note: This will automatically update the Volunteer Interaction on the Contact's record to the volunteer type: "Volunteer Shift" and the start and end time will be reflect the shift time.

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