Assigning Components Administrative Roles and Group Permissions

To assign the VolunteerMatters Components administrative roles and group permissions (with the Social Collaboration subscription) to a member you will log into your VolunteerMatters administrative system (, with the necessary administrative access, and click on the “Admin” icon (config_24.png) and then the “Database” icon (clients_48.png) to get to your contact database list ( and then navigate to the member you wish to add a role to and click on the “View Record Detail” icon (user_24.png).  Then you will click the “Edit” button/link (edit-sm.png) to edit the “Website Roles” custom field.


 There you can check the “roles” or "groups" that member is supposed to have within your VolunteerMatters components and the next time they log into the Website they will have those administrative abilities or access to elements that those groups have access to.

 PLEASE NOTE:  The ability to restrict pages, documents, etc within your website to further subsets than Member versus Public with Group Permissions is only available with a subscription to the Social Collaboration module.

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