To add File Download links using the WYSIWYG Editor - VolunteerMatters Components : Website

Highlight the text or image that you would like to initiate the file download  and click the “Link” (Subpage_WSocial_Demo_editWebContent_EditorPage_EditorItself_hyperlink.png) button.  This will open the “Link” window:


You will then click the blue  “Browse Server” button.  This will open the “CKeditor - Resources Browser Window”.


Then click on your main root folder link (in this example it is labeled “10437 – The Hendrick Foundation”) and navigate to the file you wish to use.  You can also create a new folder or upload a new file using those tools available in the window.

The folder will be created in whichever folder you are in at the time.  To upload a new file just navigate to the folder you wish to house the document and click “Browse” and locate the file  on your local machine and then select it and click “Open”.  This will return to you “CKeditor - Resources Browser Window” and then you will click “Upload”.  Once the file is uploaded it will be available for immediate use.  

Once you have located the file you wish to use simply click on it and you will be returned to the “Link” window where you will see the file has been populated in the URL.   Here you can set the different file download link attributes.  You will only need to modify the “Target” attribute and change the Target to “New Window (_Blank)”:


Then click the green “OK” button and your file download link will be displayed in the WYSIWYG Editor.

Once you're satisfied with your changes, select Publish. This makes your changes live on the website.

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