Adding a VolunteerMatters Component website calendar event

Calendar Events can be added by an administrator with the Site Calendar Manager role directly from your Calendar page or via any "Upcoming Events" portlets via the “Add New” button and clicking on the “Calendar Event” secondary button.

To Add a Calendar Event via the Calendar log into your VolunteerMatters Components website and navigate to your Calendar page click the “Add Event” button or the “+” icon on any date to automatically populate the date information on the “New Event” page.

The "New Event" page appears that allows you to fill out all the information for your event.

Start Date/Time: The date and time the event starts.

Duration: How long the event will last.

All Day Event: Check this box to disassociate time from the event and make it last all day.

Time Zone Sensitive: Leave this box checked to make sure that the portal keeps track of the event regardless of time zone.

Title: The title of the event.

Description: A description of the event.

Type: Select from a number of pre-configured event types.

Permissions: Determine who can view the event. (For Public Events select Anyone (Guest Role) and for Member Only Events select Site Members)

Repeat: If the event repeats on a schedule, select the schedule (daily, weekly, monthly. etc.)

End Date: If the event repeats on a schedule but there is an end to the set of meetings, enter the end date.

Reminders:  These will only be sent to the email address of the individual creating the event so it is recommended to leave this set to "Do not send a reminder" for all events.

When you have finished adding your event, click Save.

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