Editing an existing VolunteerMatters Component website calendar event

To edit an existing Calendaed Event you will login to your VolunteerMatters Components website and navigate to your Calendar page.  Click on the link of the Event  you wish to edit.

This will open the Event Page.

 To Edit event details click on the “Edit” button and to edit permissions (member vs public events), click on the “Permissions” button.

The "Edit" button will open up that Calendar Event in the standard Event page and you can edit as if you were creating a new event and when you're satisfied with your changes, select "Save".  This will update the Calendar Event to your website with the changes you have made. 

The "Permissions" button will open up the Event permissions page and to make a public event Member only, you will need to uncheck "View" from the Guest role and click "Save". To make a Member only event public, you will need to check "View" for the Guest role and click "Save".

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