To add hyperlinks using the WYSIWYG Editor within VolunteerMatters Components Website

Highlight the text or image you would like to associate with a link and click the “Link” button (Subpage_WSocial_Demo_editWebContent_EditorPage_EditorItself_hyperlink.png).  This will open the “Link” window:


Here you can select three different link types for the dropdown:


1 - URL

2 - Link to anchor in the text  (Anchors must be previously created using the anchor button (Subpage_WSocial_Demo_editWebContent_EditorPage_EditorItself_anchor.png).



For URLs, If this is a link to an outside website you will need to enter the full website link into the URL, such as and then select the appropriate target frame from the Target tab and click OK.  For outside links you should always change the Target to “New Window (_Blank)” so the visitor will never be taken from your site:


If this is a link to a page within your website it is advisable to enter a 'Relative Link' into the URL field.   For example the following is an absolute URL to a Closerware page:

The relative URL would be:


You should leave the Target alone for relative links as it will allow the visitor to operate in the same original window.    Then click “OK”.

When the relative path is inserted as the hyperlink's URL the website will automatically insert the base URL of the current webpage.  To find the hyperlink for a page within your site, simply navigate to the appropriate page and copy everything from  .com/.org/.edu/etc to the end of the URL.  Always remembering to keep the forward slash "/".

For Email links, change the Link Type to Email and enter the appropriate data.  You can enter the Email Address, Message Subject and Message Body.  If you do not wish to have a prepopulated Subject or Body please leave those fields blank. Then click “OK”.

Once you're satisfied with your changes, select Publish. This makes your changes live on the website.

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