Site Page Manager: Update page name & friendly url

The following article applies only to those customers who are using the administrative role "Site Page Manager", which allows more advanced control of the site architecture. The logged in user must have this role in order to perform these steps.

WARNING: Some of the steps in this article are advanced and may result in broken links, or inaccessible pages.  By default, this role is not activated for customers.  It is only added upon request so Closerware can inform customer about the potential issues if used incorrectly.  When activated, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this role only be given to a select few administrators. With this role, among other things, an administrator can permanently alter the site’s page hierarchy, design, and layouts. Any correction to your site layout resulting out of misuse of this security role, is not within the scope of support services.  We do charge an hourly rate for those types of professional services.  If you have any questions or would like assistance with adding/deleting/moving any items/pages please do not hesitate to contact support and we can provide hourly professional services to add, move, and delete pages.   There is a separate user guide specific to the functions available to ‘Site Page Managers’, please contact support to receive.   Please note that if you delete a page within the hierarchy it will delete all pages underneath it.

  1. In order to update the name or the friendly url (this means updating from to we must navigate to the Site Page management tool by clicking on Manage > Site Pages (see image below)
  2. Next we will choose the page we wish to manage in the list of our site pages. In the below image, our example is the "Our Work" page.
  3. After clicking on the page we wish to manage, we should see the details of that page, including the Name and "Friendly URL". From here, we may update these details to reflect our changes.
  4. Finally, we click the "Save" button to save our changes.

We now have updated the page name which is displayed in navigation and as the page title, as well as the friendly url used to access the page.


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