Managing Items/Products within your eStore


You can create as many items as you wish within the Shopping Portlet.  To create an item, log into your VolunteerMatters Components site with the appropriate administrative access and navigate to your shopping page.  Then navigate to the category you wish the item to appear in and then click on the “Add Item” button (The_Hendrick_Foundation-Shopping_AddItemButton.png). 

This will take you to the Item page where you will designate the following attributes:

  1. SKU  (Also determines item order in a catetgory)
  2. Name
  3. Description - Plain text and appears when there is a list of the items.
  4. Detailed Description - Available with a WSYWIG Editor and appears when you are on that item page.
  5. Requires  Shipping Checkbox – Will designate if item uses shipping rules designated in the pricing attribute.  This is also the only avenue to collect address information even if the product is not shipped physically.
  6. Featured (Not in use now, you can ignore)
  7. Stock Quantity – Number of items available.  Will keep track of inventory and when Zero it will state product is out of stock.
  8. Item Notifications - Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses which will receive notifications when this item is included in a completed order.
  9. Permissions - Designate who has access to view that item.
  10. Fields – Added if you need to distinguish items based on criteria chosen by the user. For example, if you are selling t-shirts, you may want to add a field with the name Size and the values S, M, L, XL. Enter the values as a list of comma delimited options.  PLEASE NOTE:  The "Name" field can not have a space in the label.  For example if it says ”choose a size”, it should be just ”Size” and add additional text to the description.
  11. Prices - Can designate different prices per quantity, a discount, whether the item is taxable if purchased in the state configured in the shopping portlet, and shipping.

    For example you can click the “Add Price” button (The_Hendrick_Foundation-Shopping_AddPriceButton.png) and it will create another pricing attribute to configure and you can set “Min Qty” = 1 and “Max Qty”= 9 at one price and then set the secondary price fields as set “Min Qty” = 10 and “Max Qty”= 1000 at a second price and those visitors who purchase 10 or more items will do so at the secondary price.

    You can also set the different pricing levels at a shipping per item level or to use the default shipping formula configured in the shopping portlet by Closerware Support.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you set the shipping per item it will add that shipping amount to as many books as they purchase.  For example if it is $5 and they purchase 5 books, their shipping total for the purchase will be $25.
  12. Images – These are set for the following:
    • Small – Used when the items are listed in a category.
    • Medium - Used when you are on an item detail page
    • Large - Used as a large version of the medium image when on the detail page. Opens in a separate window.

    You must check that you are using it and then either enter a URL or click browse to search your local machine for an image to use for each level.

The following screenshots detail the item attributes listed previously:

Adding Items: Attributes 1-4

Adding Items: Attributes 5-9

Adding Items: Attribute 10

Adding Items: Attribute 11

Adding Items: Attribute 12

Once you have your item attributes set you can click the “Save” button (The_Hendrick_Foundation-Shopping_SaveButton.png) that is below the “Permissions” attribute and then your item will be available on the website for purchase.



To edit an existing item’s attributes you will log into VolunteerMatters Components with the appropriate administrative access and navigate to your shopping page.   There you will locate the item you wish to edit and click the “Actions” button (The Hendrick Foundation-Shopping_ActionsButton.png) and select “Edit”:


This will open the item page where you can edit the all of the previously configured attributes (except for permissions) as well as the item’s Category. 

To change the category you will click the “Select” button under “Category”:


This will open a new window which will allow you to navigate through your shopping portlet category structure and choose the item’s location (category).

The Hendrick Foundation-Shopping_Edit_Parent2.png

To modify an existing item’s permissions you will locate the item who’s permissions you wish to modify and click the “Actions” button (The Hendrick Foundation-Shopping_ActionsButton.png) and select “Permissions”:


After you have clicked the “Permissions” button you will be presented with a grid of permission choices/options of the item that you can update:


To make a public item, Member only, you will need to uncheck "View" from the Guest role and click "Save". To make a Member only item, public, you will need to check "View" for the Guest role and click "Save".

You can also make selections as to who has the ability to update the item, etc.  For the most part you will only mark whether or not who can VIEW the folder.  The rest of the settings will depend on the user’s built-in permissions.



To delete an existing item you will log into VolunteerMatters Components with the appropriate administrative access and navigate to your shopping page.   There you will locate the item you wish to delete and click the “Actions” button (The Hendrick Foundation-Shopping_ActionsButton.png) and select the “Delete”:




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