Assigning Wordpress Website Administrative Roles

To assign the Wordpress website platform administrative roles to a contact you will log into your VolunteerMatters administrative system (, with the necessary VolunteerMatters Database administrative access, and click on the “Admin” icon (config_24.png) and then the “Database” icon (clients_48.png) to get to your contact database list ( and then navigate to the contact you wish to add a role to and click on the “View Record Detail” icon (user_24.png).  Then you will click the “Edit” button/link (edit-sm.png) to edit the “Website Roles” custom field.  Typically the group it is under will be named "Website Admin Access" but not in all cases as this is customizable.  The actual "Website Roles" field name is customizable as well.  The easiest way to identify it is via the choices available. 


There you can select the "role" that contact is supposed to have within your Wordpress Website Platform and the next time they log into the Website they will have that administrative ability.  You can only select one administrative access level. 

The administrative levels are as follows:

  • site_administrator - full administrative access that covers all the functionality of the other roles

  • site_calendar_manager - access to only the calendar portion of the website

  • site_content_manager - access to all content areas of the website

  • site_document_manager - access to the document management area of the back end

  • site_shopping_manager - access to the estore portion of the website


NOTE:  If you also subscribe to the Training module within the Volunteer Portal you will see an additional field labeled "Portal Roles" which you can select a single role, "portal_training_manager", which will provide administrative access within the Training Module.  For more information on the training module please contact or to subscribe please contact

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